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Commenti sul canale (2955) humanumgenus (1 ora fa) Rimuovi | Spam Segnalato come spam to “youtubesatan” –> lol, counters some videos on youtube? that have been rigged by “youtubesatan”: that he just is! lol some videos of charismatic songs, I listen to them every day continuously, for overcome this kind of disgusting: human being, but the counters never move and … Continua a leggere

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humanumgenus (3 giorni fa) Rimuovi | Spam Segnalato come spam 2/9[lorenzojhwh the King to his] your brother? is Cain, the murderess Satanist, as he sold it to Hitler in the past, all his brothers, so now prepared a most cruel destruction for all of you a new holocaust is about to envelop the whole world. Perhaps you have another planet … Continua a leggere


Commenti sul canale (2861) ShalomGerusalemme (5 ore fa) “***”SAID:”because the queens of Satanism speak with you?..VenusSatanas?” -ANSWER-> LOL, VenusSatanas is always young, in fact, she is often replaced?lol. the fault is also mine, if I use them, with my exorcism. Queens of Satanism have get permission to speak with lorenzojhwh through the excuse to discover the secrets of metaphysics. But … Continua a leggere

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humanumgenus (1 sett. fa) Rimuovi | Spam Segnalato come spam [7]IL GOVERNO MONDIALE EBRAICO L influenza e l onnipresenza del B nai Brith nelle questioni di politica interna di numerosi stati , soprattutto in Occidente , la caratterizzano inoltre come un tipico strumento di pressione sionista incaricato di controllare e eventualmente correggere di rotta le decisioni dei vari governi asservendoli … Continua a leggere


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