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ShalomGerusalemme (4 giorni fa) Rimuovi | Blocca utente | Spam Segnalato come spam 8/10[AMOS ✙ ♥ ♔] [8.14] Those who swear by the sin of Samaria (idolatry) and say: For the life of your god, Dan! (Satan), will fall without getting up! [Ch 9] strike the capital (NWO) [9.1] I saw the Lord standing by the altar and say: “He … Continua a leggere

humanumgenus 60

Commenti sul canale (2955) humanumgenus (1 ora fa) Rimuovi | Spam Segnalato come spam to “youtubesatan” –> lol, counters some videos on youtube? that have been rigged by “youtubesatan”: that he just is! lol some videos of charismatic songs, I listen to them every day continuously, for overcome this kind of disgusting: human being, but the counters never move and … Continua a leggere