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lorenzojhwh (1 sett. fa) Segnalato come spam WHO WANTS to hate, he goes from SATAN, because I am a Christian! CHI VUOLE ODIARE, lui VADA DAI SATANISTI, perché, IO SONO CRISTIANO! lorenzojhwh (1 sett. fa) Segnalato come spam attilathebest2 SAID: “Salam alaykum. I’m an Italian man, 31 y.o. and I reverted to Islam since 2004. I appreciated a lot your … Continua a leggere

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Commenti sul canale (1795) ShalomGerusalemme (1 giorno fa) Segnalato come spam God sent me to judge everyone and to be judged by everyone. Doing so we divide the grain(light) of the weeds(darkness). You choose now your people. know all my messages? Your time is ripe, now, you make your choice and take your destiny. Amen! lol I do not have … Continua a leggere

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DJAGA92 (6 giorni fa) Rimuovi | Blocca utente | Spam Segnalato come spam Cattolico x sempre humanumgenus (6 giorni fa) Rimuovi | Spam Segnalato come spam brother “luxlucis777” for YHWH there is no difference between Israel and the Church. Bankers Satanists now are the only separation of all mankind! The Jewish Temple was prophesied, and God will abandon the whole … Continua a leggere