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    lorenzojhwh (3 sett. fa) Spam Segnalato come spam fratello “Brightstar27” Gesù disse: “la salvezza, viene dai giudei!” Forse noi cristiani non siamo, anche eredi, di Abramo con i musulmani? e rinati in Cristo, noi non siamo anche della casa di Iesse? Poiché è scritto: “il giusto vivrà mediante la fede” e “senza la fede non è possibile piacere … Continua a leggere

Shalom Gerusalemme 24

Commenti sul canale (1073) ShalomGerusalemme (2 ore fa) [25] Intuitively, for lorenzojhwh, there are secret places: in heaven, nor in the depths of hell. lorenzojhwh is spiritually present when the Satanists do human sacrifices, because God because of His infinite holiness, he can not watch. lorenzojhwh feels in his heart, all the disgust and injustice and violence on men and … Continua a leggere

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Commenti sul canale (1223) humanumgenus (6 minuti fa) Today, The Constitution does not “guarantee” anything to anyone. because the Freemasons, of seigniorage bank has taken control. The Constitution is a guide for the People to control their government. When the people fail to control their government, the government will control the people. The only act that guarantees the security of … Continua a leggere