lorenzo jhwh 16

lorenzo jhwh 16 lorenzojhwh (1 sett. fa) “lorenzojhwh”tells in the name of JesusJHWH and for the destruction of Satanic symbols SpA Freemasonry political seigniorage banking:1fire in soul 2food is harmful 3dishonor shame diseases Divorce 4depression obsessions infestation 5cloak of lead on the soul Woe to you who now you are in the wrong place and wrong time.Elijah is back and … Continua a leggere

humanum genus 16

humanum genus 16 Commenti sul canale (1054) humanumgenus (6 minuti fa) Segnalato come spam Thank you brother sdrs85 = Hello Sergio. What is the infinite perfection? We can not understand infinity! But without free will there could be no trial. Yet the proceedings will be there! Lucifer has done wrong to become Satan. And now, he knows to be under … Continua a leggere

Shalom Gerusalemme 16

Shalom Gerusalemme 16 ShalomGerusalemme (11 ore fa) Segnalato come spam Today September 19 is not possible for lorenzojhwh, ShalomGerusalemme, humanumgenus comment on a video or respond to comments. The filters that they put me forced me to “house arrest”. They are afraid of: you say to the world: lorenzojhwh said –> No honest person can deny the historicity of the … Continua a leggere