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humanum genus 15, humanumgenus (12 ore fa) my frien prince10138 why should I settle for Paradiso, when God in Christ, decided to share his divinity com me? Indeed, God is calling me: “My son, Lawrence of YHWH” –> my frien perché mi devo accontentare del Paradiso, quando Dio in Cristo, ha deciso di condividere, la sua divinità com me? … Continua a leggere

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lorenzo jhwh 15 Commenti sul canale (1145) lorenzojhwh (58 minuti fa) egnalato come spam lorenzojhwh”tells in the name of JesusJHWH and for the destruction of Satanic symbols SpA Freemasonry political seigniorage banking:1fire in soul 2food is harmful 3dishonor shame diseases Divorce 4depression obsessions infestation 5cloak of lead on the soul Woe to you who now you are in the wrong … Continua a leggere

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Shalom Gerusalemme 15, ShalomGerusalemme (17 ore fa) How can a man say: “I hate those people?” If good men and bad are sown everywhere equally, in each: 1 – Party 2 – Nation 3 – Religion. I lorenzojhwh I had and I still of perplexity about to all Muslim countries. But now that I became friends with: “yanlisnumaracanim” and “thecyman” … Continua a leggere