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humanum genus 12 Commenti sul canale (960) humanumgenus (1 giorno fa) Segnalato come spam If the Jewish Temple can not be built, it is Because there are problems that only a prophet, he knows as well as can overcome. lorenzojhwh is this prophet! you say to all those who love YHWH, and who suffer from the lack of the Temple. … Continua a leggere

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lorenzo jhwh 12, lorenzojhwh (16 ore fa) Segnalato come spam [[Creationism 1 / 3– Christian said: “He was facing both the scientific theory of creationism that Evolutionism. The arena has already done and scientific creationism, it disappeared from the scene, amid the laughter general .– ANSWER -> in arena with YOU WANT TO BE ME? Know that there are trees … Continua a leggere

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Shalom Gerusalemme 12, Commenti sul canale (852) lorenzojhwh (2 mesi fa) Says Jewish pastor Benny Hinn: “The price of failure is greater than the price of success” (in this dark time) You can not understand the Christianity if you do not follow his teachings. Shouts to the world: “I rise the Cross!” If you’re Christian you become a child of … Continua a leggere